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I was born in Tupelo, MS. (same as Elvis). I live in Lakeland TN. with my husband, Benny. I have combined my love for animals and a God-given talent for oil painting into unique realistic paintings. I understand the individuality of each animal and convey that in my portraits. I often use my yellow lab, Tuff E Nuff, and Rascal, my Arabian horse as models. Although my primary focus is animal portraits, I also include human subjects in my painting. I work from photos, using oil on canvas or board. I have illustrated several books including God's Blessings at Farm Creek Pond by Nancy Phillips. I have several paintings in print and note cards available on this blog. When viewing photos of prints available, be sure to view older postings of other prints on the second page. Also, type in a print name in the search box to locate a certain print. Most prints will fit a standard ready made matt or frame. I do commission work and would love to paint for you. Contact: Email your request for prints, notecards or commission work to or 901 674 0521 check my e-store at

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